#1 School Management System In Mumbai | Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya, the best school management software in Mumbai has been a major factor in bringing an educational revolution across the city. Multiple schools, colleges as well as educational institutions have started moving towards proper student information systems and Vidyalaya has been a major one of them. Not just Mumbai, but the Vidyalaya student information system has been serving the entire state of Maharashtra and is also currently established across more than 15 cities in Maharashtra. The cities of Pune, Nagpur, Dhule, Navi Mumbai and many more are experiencing digital transformation through Vidyalaya Campus ERP. Vidyalaya student information system, along with its vast range of features, also has a huge experience of 21 years in this industry which plays a massive role in making it one of the best school management Systems in Maharashtra. Vidyalaya also has a wide range of features ranging right from student management to employee management including HR and payroll management as well.