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10 Basics Of SEO Blogging

10 Basics Of SEO Blogging

Submitted by • August 28, 2018

Basics of SEO Blogging

1. One needs an own domain name and hosting:
The first and the foremost thing that bloggers need to know is that one needs an own domain name and hosting. The free blog setups do not favour any of your SEO efforts. This happens because people think if you’re serious about your own blog, you will get the domain name and even host it yourself and, Google only wants sites which are trustworthy and serious.

2. Solve problems with original content:
Always remember that Google’s whole and major purpose is to provide their customers with relevant and of use search results. Everything they do is built on this premise. And to make yourself stand out from the crowd and be realistic is to create useful content which solves the problems of the people. SEO Services Company looks into this category and provides you with original content. They also make sure of certain things while publishing your blogs:

Photos– Use original images and photos and the way you use them to yo

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