25-Foot-Long Dodge Viper Limo Listed For $160K

Vintage and unique vehicles are known for retaining their value and intrigue amongst collectors. This is especially the case when it comes to limousines, with limos being one of the most sought-after vehicles of all. Whether you are looking for limo hire in London or self-drive limos in the US, you will quickly see just how in-demand limos are. In fact, you only have to search for 'limo hire near me' to see the competitive nature of the limo world.

The world's limo enthusiasts and collectors will have been glad to see a recent listing on Facebook Marketplace. The listing saw a Facebook user promoting a rare Dodge Viper limousine for an eye-watering $160,000. The 25-foot-long vehicle went out of production back in 2017, meaning there really aren't many of these cars on the road. We are sure it'll be snapped up pretty soon!

The seller, Kerry Prater Stochl, has listed the vehicle in Missouri. However, this is not the first time we have seen this very limo up for sale online. Around 12 months ago, the same Dodge Viper Limo was listed on the online marketplace, eBay. Starting bids for this distinctive limousine were requested around $135,000. From what we can gather, nobody purchased the limo from eBay, with the seller now taking another punt on another website for an additional $15,000.

But, why such a steep price tag and is it worth it? Well, it goes without saying that the vehicle is distinctive. From its ability to seat 12 people to the 390-horsepower (291-kilowatt) Mopar 360 Magnum crate motor, we have no doubt that this vehicle drives great!

What do you think? Would you buy this limo if you had a spare $160,000 knocking around?