ABOUT US Commitment to accuracy and transparency Umas Fintax Solutions traces its origins back to 20

Umas Fintax Solutions traces its origins back to 2018 when it
was founded as UMAS (Union for Management Accounting
In 2020, we converted to Umas Fintax Solutions, a registered
LLP firm under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India.
We are next-gen consultants for end-to-end Tax,
Accounting/Bookkeeping, and Payroll services. The firm
witnessed exponential growth in its own space of
providing services at fair and competitive prices, serving
200+ clients, 900+ tax filings, and 70+ Registrations. We
enable you to truly understand your business and provide
tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, from the
filing of taxes to developing tax strategies on the most
effective ways to minimise taxes and maximise returns.