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Kaplan offers the best study material for Acca .they are also approved by ACCA themselves .kaplan gives both study text and exam kit for better results. It has a lot of content which is why you should probably take 2-3 months to study a book and then give an exam The Book highlights the important topics & provides bullet points for various syllabus area topics for practice. At the end of the chapter, there are self-test questions basically for the purpose of testing yourself how well you know the content. These books explain things in a very good & student friendly way.There are lots of examples and diagrams which really make you understand stuff better than any other book .There are some key points why Kaplan is best:- 1. Good content and examples 2. end of chapter questions 3. Activities throughout chapters 4. questions according to chapters/topics. 5) Student Friendly-Easy to understand content. The exam kit of Kaplan is quite different from the study text .exam kit has a lot of questions for practice and helps to make your concept clear. exam kit has 2 types of questions * The study support questions and *Multiple type/Subjective questions. Study support questions basically do not come in exams but the purpose of the question is concept clear or not. The multiple-choice questions/Subjective Questions are the type of questions that comes in the exam. Additionally, there are also mock exam papers on it .so if you are looking for the best book for Acca exams plz go with Kaplan Study Material.