Acme Mechatronics, Inc. Winding Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

ACME MECHATROINCS, INC. is a US based company involved in manufacturing and supplying winding machine and accessories used in the field of coil winding applications. More than 25 standard coil winders are available to handle a wide range of coil winding applications with magnetic wire sizes ranging from 0.0008 inch to 0.2 inch in diameter, with coils up to 18 inch in diameter and winding lengths upto 22 inch with single and multi-spindle machines for producing samples to high volume. Apart from Transformer winding machines and magnetic coil winding machines, ACME also specializes in building customized winding machines with AEX control units for Special winding applications like Spiral winding machines, Stator winding machines, Toroidal winding machines, R-Core Winding machines, Motor Coil Winding machines, Long Axial winding machines. Standard models are available off the shelf at Colleyville, USA. For more details visit: