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AimOrDie’s GreenGod Review

AimOrDie’s GreenGod Review

Submitted by • January 17, 2019

This strain has a fantastic sweet smell, with a great honey-like taste to go along with it. The trim is impeccable, it was cured perfectly, and it smokes extremely well. Very smooth smoke with a nice clean burn.
The nugs are very frosty, and covered in trichomes, the size isn't amazing as they're all around .5-1g so they're not very big, but they're dense, and quite potent.
The high was a very strong indica high, and while it has that laziness inducing couch lock effect, it also is fairly cerebral and thought provoking.
Probably not the best strain for productivity, but it is definitely great for lazing about on a gloomy afternoon and just hanging out.
I'd rate this strain a solid 9/10 AAAA I'd smoke it again without second thought, and enjoy every minute of it.

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