AITech interview with Dmitry Petrov, Co-Founder & CEO at

Could you tell us more about’s and what was the inspiration behind starting this company?
As a data scientist at Microsoft, I saw first hand the problems that occur when the data science and software engineering environments don’t work together. There is essentially a wall between the two worlds. I wanted to build a company that would make tools to remove this wall so that the machine learning world and software engineering world could live together and be more productive. This way, machine learning models that are built can be easily put into production apps and services.
2. Could you elaborate on your entrepreneurial journey?
I knew I always wanted to build a company. My journey from a remote area of Russia, through my computer science education, move to the States with a Data Science position at Microsoft, boot-strapping a start-up and becoming and American citizen has been long, but so rewarding. I’m proud of the products we are building and the team that is building them.