Ajmalan | Best Medicine For Chronic Constipation

Ajmalan is one the best formulations for Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan for constipation.
Ingredients: It is a unani medicine made of Aloe Vera (sibr).
Active component: Anthraquinones
Each packaging of ajmalan contains 20 qurs. Normally, hakims recommend taking 1-2 tablets of ajmalin before sleeping.
Benefit and uses:
• Ajmalan shows remarkable laxative effects due to anthraquinones.
• It shows an anti-inflammatory effect.
• It facilitates the process of digestion.
• It allows the stool to pass down easily.
• It keeps the body hydrated to avoid hardening of stool.
• It is a rich source of vitamin C. Hence, it deals with all sorts of inflammations.
• It relieves constipation.
• Along with this, it also helps in ulcer problems.
• Ajmalan is very much cost effective and easy to access.