Controlling prosthetic limbs with thoughts, also known as brain-computer interface (BCI) technology or neuro prosthetics, can provide users with a sense of empowerment and increased independence. Here's how it may feel for individuals who control prosthetic limbs with their thoughts:

the decision to sleep with or without a prosthetic limb is highly individualized and can vary based on factors such as personal comfort, lifestyle, and specific prosthetic design. It's essential for individuals with limb prosthetics to consult with their healthcare providers for guidance on proper prosthetic care and usage, including whether it's advisable to wear them during sleep.

Amputation and Prosthetic replacement

Finger prosthetics are custom-made devices designed to replace missing fingers, offering individuals increased dexterity and functionality. These prosthetics are crafted to match the size, shape, and movement capabilities of natural fingers, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical utility for tasks requiring fine motor skills.