An Innovative Data Solutions for Small Business Lenders

● Digitization is reshaping customer’s expectations in the small business industry. Borrowers want a smooth, hassle-free experience when purchasing a business loan. This includes
○ Low-interest rates
○ Minimal documentations
○ Same-day or Instant Approval
○ As few touchpoints as possible

● Today, most small businesses prefer to buy from lenders that provide a preferred buying experience, even if they have high interest rates.
● Yet in this new reality, most lenders continue to face traditional challenges that could easily be solved with intelligent credit scoring methods using a futuristic financial data API.

● You can solve problems like:
○ Outdated and manual loan origination processes
○ Traditional credit scoring methods
○ Inaccurate borrower evaluations
○ Unscalable business lending programs
○ Irrelevant loan products and services

● It helps solve all these problems by providing you the most robust and real-time data of your potential small business borrowers.
● It is the provider of a lender-first API technology to access and analyze the most valuable forward-looking data of your borrowers.

● It helps you see a deep critical insight into borrowers' financial health and accurately predict their financial future. It allows lenders to:
○ Integrate with all of the major accounting software systems
○ Get real-time cash flow forecasting supported by numerous data attributes
○ Normalize accounting and financial data
○ Make small business lending complicated and less risky

● It enables higher ROI on every business loan. AI and ML-driven data analysis to transform raw data into meaningful insights help lenders to better understand their clients, offer customized solutions, reduce credit risk, determine creditworthiness and boost profit.

● Little to human involvement in loan origination and credit decisioning with no compromise in quality.

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