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what is asset lifecycle management

Enduring asset lifecycle management with most of the organizations looking at IT Asset and Platform, Data Consolidation and Analytics - Robust Digital Roadmap “asset utilization, performance, productivity drives organization efficiencies.... Read More

data governance and master data management

Data Governance is a series of activities and processes that help to ensure the formal management of data assets inside an enterprise. Data governance also involves other concepts such as... Read More

master data management software tools

PiLog provides the best Master Data Management Solution Called master data record manager (MDRM) as MDM Tool with industry best practices for Master Data Manager.The PiLog MDRM system is a... Read More

Data harmonization service intends to merge distinct levels, genres and sources of data to ensure that data is comparable and compatible. data harmonization improves the quality and utility of master... Read More

Extended supply chain optimization With ~ 70 to 75% average organizational costs associated with materials and services sourcing, procurement and inventory Increasing costs and risks to right sourcing, optimal procurement,... Read More