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1 Channel 5V Relay Module It is a 1 Channel 5V relay module Without Light Coupling Relay. The relay normally open interface maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A. It has a... Read More

This L293D driver module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It uses the popular L293D motor driver IC. It can drive 4... Read More

The ADXL335 Module is a compact and energy-efficient 3-axis accelerometer that provides signal conditioned voltage outputs. ADXL335 Module has a minimum full-scale range of ±3 g for accurately measuring acceleration. This... Read More

The DHT11 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor is a basic, ultra low-cost digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding... Read More

This Ultrasonic sensor Range Finder is a very popular sensor which is found in many applications where it requires to measure distance and detect the objects. The module has two eyes... Read More