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We believe in the power of connection. AP Globale aims at actively galvanizing the power of people to come together to deliver transformational change. We encourage creation of platforms to enable... Read More

Media Business in India | Media Groups of AP Globale Maharashtra

At AP Globale, we believe that media is a medium of public education and of social change. Through our media we try our best to positively contribute to our society... Read More

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Impact Funding India | Impact Investment Funding in India raised by AP Global India

For all the large-scale transformation and innovation programmes that we have undertaken, one of the keys to drive these would be funds. This calls for investment that can be generated... Read More

Special Projects & SPV by AP Globale Maharashtra, India

At AP Globale, we design, develop and deliver Positive Impact through the creation of ventures and initiatives. We help corporations, government, foundations, investors, communities and civil society to formulate strategies... Read More

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