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Rustic facade ACP sheets add a rich and natural look to the space. It is strong, scratch & water-resistant, so it's perfect for outdoor/exterior areas. Their application creates an aesthetic harmony... Read More

Areca ACP Sheet is an exterior ACP sheet manufacturers, supplier, and exporters company based in Gujarat, India. Exterior cladding is likely to restore or totally change the structure's outside with... Read More

ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel), often known as sandwich ACP panel, is one such structure or material. This material is used in the majority of passenger and cargo aircraft, ensuring mechanical... Read More

Areca is a Morbi-India-based ACP sheet manufacturer that holds considerable experience, industry expertise, and cutting-edge infrastructure to produce high-quality ACP sheets. From design to construction to finishing to delivery, you... Read More

Areca tops the list when it comes to the best ACP sheet manufacturers in India. By leveraging the rich industry experience, brightest brains, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we produce and offer... Read More