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Ayush 82 Ime 9 Tablet | Ayurvedic Glucose Regulator with Herbal Ingredients

Ayush 82 IME 9 madhumeha medicine is naturally composed of high blood sugar that consists of ingredients like Jamun seeds, Shilajit, Karela, and Amra. The mending intensity of this medicine... Read More

Kudos v1 Kit | Ayurvedic Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Medicine

Kudos v1 kit – Get a relief from joint pain with Kudos V1 Kit. It is composed with herbal extracts, compounds and ingredients, making it a perfect medicine for elderly... Read More

Ayush82 IME9 Ayurvedic Sugar Control Medicine

Ayush82 IME-9 is a natural based medicine for managing the rising levels of blood sugar. The best part about this medicine is that it is free from any side-effect and... Read More