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With the hardness of 4.5-5 Larimar is one of the soft stone with a silky luster which makes the white Larimar of low quality and deep dark volcanic blue a... Read More

Temper Temper wrapped as a hamper, Water is getting boiled, Fear Fear making weak your gear, You really are lacking joy, Stress, Anxiety is at par, Dear soul, you really need a Larimar. You can wow... Read More

Your ozone is your blue which brings out a significant master in your spirits hence tell those evil spirits to stay away, man! The month and the time in the... Read More

The Word Chrysoprase comes from the Greek “Chrys,” which means ‘Gold or Yellow’ and “Prase”, which means ‘Green’. Chrysoprase was once referred to as “The Stone of Venus,” and was... Read More

Chrysoprase is a Lovely Stone of the inexperienced-ray. It has metaphysical houses for recovery in addition to being a Stone to attract new Love, abundance, and prosperity. It promotes joy... Read More

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They will empower you to understand greater deeply, the concepts around Divine Truth, as you middle your self inside your coronary Heart. Chrysoprase is a Lovely Stone of the inexperienced-ray.... Read More

Pink Opal is a perfect Stone for someone to carry if they are struggling with any sadness, especially that of a Broken Heart. It will serve your Emotional Body when... Read More

Pink Opal Beads At Wholesale Price

Pink Opal is considered as a very powerful Crystal when it comes in contact with one’s Heart. Opal activates and unlocks our Heart Chakra and imbues one’s aura with calming,... Read More

The Pink Opal is one of the first Rock Gems to be spewed from the earth’s core. This Gemstone formed from the combination of silica and water, much like what... Read More

One in every of all the treasured matters that Nature has to provide is the adorable and beneficial Gemstones. those are of various homes and restoration Powers each useful for... Read More