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Any sample derived from people who have been diagnosed with an illness is referred to as a patient sample. They're gathered as part of patient care for purposes like diagnosis,... Read More

Biorepository – best practices for clinical research and investigations

Clinical research refers to studies involving humans, health information, and human samples conducted to discover newer drugs and diagnostics to manage human diseases. Studies on human biospecimens act as the... Read More

How to manage human biological samples – Central BioHub

Human biological samples, commonly known as human biospecimens or human biosamples, are substances that originated from the human body. It includes but is not limited to blood, urine, sputum, feces,... Read More

Tissue Biobank – Human Tissue for Research | CentralBioHub

Human tissue banking for research is critical to unlocking the next level of discoveries. Detailed study of banked tissue samples separated from human donors allows for more in-depth genetic analysis... Read More

Biorepositories Resource | Biomedical Research | Order Online

Biobanks, also known as biorepositories, are specialised organisations that collect, handle, store, and distribute biospecimens or biological samples derived from animals and humans. Simply said, biorepositories are research biospecimen libraries!... Read More

Biobanks | Biomedical Research | Order Online | CentralBioHub

Human biological samples taken from patients or living donors are stored in biobanks. Biorepositories is another name for it. These are specialised organisations with advanced infrastructure and equipment for collecting,... Read More