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Histidine quantitative plasma is a biochemical test that provides information about the concentration of histidine in the blood. Histidine is an amino acid that can be converted into histamine. The... Read More

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins essential to your health. Exposing your skin to sunlight (in moderation) is the best source of vitamin D. With this test, you... Read More

The UPCR urine protein creatinine ratio test strips are an easy and cost-effective way to monitor the progression of your renal disease. The test strip is designed to work with... Read More

Urinary Cortisol (U-Cort) is a test that measures the cortisol in your urine. Hormones such as cortisol help to regulate metabolism, body temperature, and blood pressure. Elevated cortisol levels may... Read More

Keeping your uric acid levels in check is important. Make sure you keep on track with the 24 Hrs Urine - Uric Acid. A urine test kit makes it easy... Read More

The Neonatal Screen Test is a rapid and accurate method for detecting disorders in newborns. The blood sample is taken from the baby's heel, while a specialized machine processes the... Read More

24 Hrs Urinary Cortisol/Creatinine Ratio test helps diagnose cushing syndrome or hypercortisolism, inherited or acquired abnormalities, and pseudohypoaldosteronism, which usually occurs due to excess licorice consumption. It is tested using... Read More

Remedies lab test – 1,25 DI HYDROXY VITAMIN D TEST (VITAMIN D3 )

Test Code : BC199A Test Type : Blood Price : ₹ 3000 Reporting : 2 days About the test -- With 90% of the population prone to vitamin D deficiency, testing its levels every year... Read More

Diagnostic Laboratory Services for Children's Care – Dr. Remedies Labs

Dr. Remedies labs Children's diagnostic services for healthcare professionals. Consultation in test selection and result interpretation is available. Schedule an appointment with our experienced Paediatricians at Dr. Remedies Labs. They... Read More

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