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Yes, exercise is generally safe and beneficial during pregnancy. Regular exercise can help improve overall health, increase energy levels, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, improve sleep, and... Read More

Positive Family History: Breast or ovarian cancer has been diagnosed in one or more family members (blood relatives). However, not every breast cancer patient’s first degree relative is automatically classified... Read More

Menstrual problems arising during a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. They are one of the most prevalent causes for women to see a gynecologist. Menstrual disorders and their symptoms can disrupt... Read More

Couples should consider seeking infertility evaluation if they have been actively trying to conceive for 12 months or more without success, or if the woman is over 35 years old... Read More

Some common symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy include: Abnormal bleeding or spotting High blood pressure Gestational diabetes Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.) History of miscarriage or stillbirth Maternal age (over 35 or under 18) Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar... Read More

Yes, there are certain lifestyle changes that can improve fertility. Here are some examples: Maintain a healthy weight Eat a balanced diet Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake Quit smoking Manage stress Exercise regularly Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar is... Read More

Fertility Enhancing Surgery refers to procedures that assist to improve or restore fertility in women who have infertility complications. Many infertility complications, such as fibroids, endometriosis, dermoid, adhesions, PCOD, and... Read More

The benefits of family planning include: Improved health outcomes Increased economic opportunities Promotes sustainable development Empowers individuals and communities Overall, family planning is an essential component of reproductive health and can have far-reaching benefits for... Read More

Yes, making certain lifestyle changes can improve fertility in women with PCOS. These include: Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise Managing stress Quitting smoking Limiting alcohol consumption Getting enough sleep Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar is... Read More

Postpartum care practices that can promote healing and recovery after giving birth include: Rest Nutrition Hydration Pain management Perineal care Breastfeeding support Emotional support Pelvic floor exercises Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar is a MS Obtetrician & Gynecologist in Manpada...Read more... Read More