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Signs and symptoms of Lung cancer

Lung cancer is something we should neither undermine nor ignore. Not only smokers, but nonsmokers are also too at risk of the disease. The most common symptoms of lung cancer are- 1)... Read More

Pulmonologists use and interpret examination and lab tests to help them determine a lung-related diagnosis. They may employ the following exams and tests: CT scan to get detailed pictures of your... Read More

Pulmonologists typically treat the following conditions: asthma Bronchiectasis is a disorder characterised by inflammation and abundant mucus. Bronchitis, both acute and chronic, occurs when the lower airways become inflamed. COPD, often known as emphysema,... Read More

What is the treatment for paradoxical breathing? | Pulmonologist in Mumbai | Dr. Parthiv Shah

The majority of instances of paradoxical breathing may be treated by addressing the underlying condition. If you have a vitamin deficiency, you may take supplements or change your diet. Doctors might... Read More

What exactly is the Mantoux Test? | Pulmonologist in Mumbai | Dr. Parthiv Shah

Tuberculosis skin test and PPD test are other names for the Mantoux test. It is used to detect latent or asymptomatic Tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculin, a purified protein derivative (PPD) derived... Read More

To evaluate lung function and the risk of developing diffuse lung disease. To detect any abnormal growths in the lungs. To identify airflow blockages in the lungs To identify the location to perform... Read More

Plain HRCT (High-Resolution Computed Tomography) refers to a CT scan that produces a more exact cross-section image of the lungs than a standard chest CT. An HRCT scan of the... Read More

COPD is classified into four stages: Mild Moderate Moderate Very Severe A breathing test called a pulmonary function test is used by doctors to assess which stage a patient is in. This test determines how... Read More

The following are the most prevalent signs and symptoms of bronchiectasis: Chronic cough that occurs over months or years Wheezing and shortness of breath Chest discomfort Clubbing These symptoms may develop with time. You may... Read More

How is the acute respiratory infection diagnosed? | Pulmonologist in Mumbai | Dr. Parthiv Shah

A respiratory examination focuses on how well you breathe. By listening to unusual noises in your lungs as you breathe, doctors will examine your lungs for fluid and inflammation. Your... Read More