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In the 21st century, the method of teaching has changed a lot. The modern teaching method is a learner-centered and activity-based teaching method. The teacher prepares a proper constructive curriculum... Read More

It's more about finding the right match for your child than finding the one "perfect" school from my own personal and professional experience. I've also seen some great things happening... Read More

Preschools improve achievement, behavior, and school readiness for economically disadvantaged children Children who attend Preschool are prepared to enter kindergarten, both academically and socially. Moreover, Preschools help to develop fine... Read More

Child development can be defined as the progression and the change in the child in terms of knowledge, skills, behavior. The child's behavior is monitored through multiple child developments stages,... Read More

Educational administrators work in schools, but not as teachers. They are responsible for overseeing the administrative duties at schools. They ensure a safe and productive learning environment for the students.... Read More