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Fast Rescue offers comprehensive fire extinguisher training to equip individuals and teams with essential skills in handling fire emergencies. Participants learn to identify fire types, select appropriate extinguishers, and use... Read More

Fast Rescue provides thorough confined space training, focusing on safety and compliance in hazardous environments. Their program covers risk assessment, equipment use, and emergency procedures, preparing participants to identify confined... Read More

Fast Rescue offers an intensive Advanced Marine First Aid course designed for individuals working in marine environments. This comprehensive training covers advanced medical techniques specific to maritime settings, including emergency... Read More

Fast Rescue provides thorough working at heights training in Ottawa, ensuring compliance with Ontario safety regulations. Their courses cover essential skills such as fall prevention, harness use, and rescue procedures.... Read More

Fast Rescue offers Working at Heights training online, equipping participants with essential skills for safe elevated work. The course covers hazard identification, risk assessment, fall prevention, and safety equipment use,... Read More