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eQube-ADA addresses the most advanced analytical challenges such as data discovery, 'what-if' calculations with intuitive visualizations leading to action. For more information visit or drop a mail to... Read More

eQube-API Gateway is a tool that efficiently focuses on API lifecycle management. It smoothly transfers data by connecting to a plethora of applications. For more information visit or drop... Read More

Data Federation with eQube-TM |eQ Technologic

eQube-TM plays a vital role in data federation by making the most of its 'model making' and 'transformation maps' creation capabilities. The eQube®-TM catalogue is discoverable for reusing and... Read More

eQube®-DP provides an integrated solution for data profiling and data curation. From data cleanup, pre-migration to data quality trend analysis, it manages all. For more information visit or... Read More

eQube®-DaaS Platform stands tall on its Digital Backbone structure. It lets you create a Data Fabric which consists of integrated data, application, and devices. For more information visit Read More

Analyze the various facets of your data with our product eQube-DP that emphasizes the data quality assessment. data quality assessment can lead to on-going data correction and repair cycle... Read More

eQube® connectors empower users to design and deploy high-volume data integrations from any App leveraging their entire OOTB object model without writing code .For more information visit or drop... Read More