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Benefits of Attendance Management System | FabHR’s Attendance Management system

Improving the attendance accuracy, managing work shifts, tracking employee leaves and pre-planning of leaves are some of the most important benefits of FabHR’s Attendance Management System. Overall management of employees’... Read More

An unplanned leave may lead to loss of millions for your business | FabHR

Real-time notifications of employee’s leave to HRs, management for leave can be automated with the help of Attendance Management Systems.Get the best Attendance Management System. You should use HRMS... Read More

Solve employee’s issues by FabHR’s Ticket Management System

The most-leading way to grow your business is to keep your employees motivated. The secret to keeping them motivated is, solving all their issues on time. The ticket management system... Read More

Leading HRMS software in India for 2022 – FabHR

FabHR is the leading Human Resource Management Software in India. For the smooth functioning of the organization, FabHR has all the required features for employee management. Purchase the leading HRMS... Read More

FabHR, a budget-friendly HRMS software for startups and small businesses

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The best HRMS software in 2022, the best choice for your business

The HR department is the heart and soul of any organization. The HR department works in enhancing the employee’s efficiency and more revenue for the company. Gift them a productive... Read More

Create a robust workplace by online payouts and error-free slips

Process all the payments on time to avoid a bad employee experience. Automate the payroll processing and manage the financial records of the employee. FabHR is loaded up with efficient... Read More

Streamline HR and payroll process with one of the leading HRMS software, FabHR

The hack to keep your employees is, solve their issue in hand and process their salary on time. Provide a hassle-free environment to your employees and retain them for the... Read More

Filter out the right candidate with FabHR’s hiring and onboarding management system

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Online Attendance management System for FREE | FabHR software

Business growth depends on the performance and productivity of their employees. Leverage the talents of the human mind to grow the company by reducing manual work hours. FabHR, a cloud-based... Read More