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SIDS© is a first-of-its kind seamless end-to-end Track & Trace solution for institutions with On-Spot Authentication reconciliation of transactional data, based on Multi-Layer object detection including Track & Trace using... Read More

Right to Product Information is to empower the citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the Government and Industry to Consumer connects to ensure detection of illegal, fake and spurious product... Read More

DOVES® addresses the requirements of large entities in conducting KYC and managing related processes with more ease, accuracy, reliability, security, transparency and accountability. The system has an inbuilt workflow management... Read More

Galileo has developed a patented product known as MAVISys® - This innovative solution enables detection of all components of any vehicle including the number plates as a homogenous entity. The... Read More

Galileo Innovation offers a unique High-tech impressive Multi-Layered Coating technology with customized designs engineered to protection. The use of cutting-edge technologies through on-spot verification in our coating system can be... Read More

Galileo Innovations based in Bengaluru, operates in the arena of product and document authentication, track and trace solutions. Intrinsically involved in providing credential security solutions across a host of industrial... Read More