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For instance, in Benoit Blanchard’s book on mind control, readers are exposed to the possibilities of a society developing an ability to read people’s thoughts. This is made possible by... Read More

People might see death as a chance for redemption or a total end. In the religious/spiritual sense, death is just the beginning of a new life promised to those who... Read More

Fictional work, however, has more leeway. Since fiction involves possible yet imaginary scenarios, i.e., the clash between older and younger citizens in the Political Fiction on Books of OMAI, it... Read More

The book She Let God Write Her Story by RMazing Bonanza S2 Level 3 winner Yelena Borichevska is classified as Christian fiction. The book abounds with themes of (living the)... Read More

American’t is the superlative that highlights my vexation when America disappoints me, and I know that the many annoyances are shared by so many other non-white people through conversations, music,... Read More

A perfect material encompassing this liberty for children is in author Dr. Sandra’s book about an introverted child. She informs her readers how an introverted child was able to step... Read More

In the Collection of Short Stories on The Hands of God Book, Judith Martin Alford took to real-life short stories that show how God intervenes in human lives and produces... Read More

It is the path that takes us into Christ Consciousness, which is not about Christianity, but rather a natural spiritual evolvement of human consciousness, the awakening of a sense of... Read More

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