Author: MarketAnalyst

The Global Colonoscopy Devices Market is expected to be USD 2.1 Billion by 2027. Globally, Colonoscopy devices are used to examine the inside of the colon using a colonoscope inserted... Read More

The Canada Foodservice Market was USD 94.19 Billion in 2021. Over the years, the foodservice industry in Canada has revolutionized in size. Canadian consumers tend to spend a substantial amount... Read More

The Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market will be USD 8.02 Billion by 2027. Autoimmune disorders are a species of more than 80 chronic diseases, out of which multiple sclerosis, Systemic Lupus... Read More

The Biodegradable Plastics Market was USD 4.3 Billion in 2021. In the wake of plastic pollution increasing worldwide, biodegradable plastics are one of the fastest-growing segments within the global plastics... Read More

The China Automobile Market was 27.71 Million Units in 2021. China is the largest automobile industry worldwide, both in demand and supply. The automobile sector is at a crossroads owing... Read More

The South Africa E-Commerce Market Size was USD 4.5 Billion in 2021. Technological advances and modernization have undeniably played a critical role in the adoption of e-commerce in South Africa.... Read More

The LiDAR Market will be USD 3.92 Billion by 2027. LiDAR, which determines light detection and ranging, is a popular remote sensing system used to measure the exact range of... Read More

The Brazil Tire Market Size reached US$ 6.29 Billion in 2021. Brazil is home to one of the most pre-eminent automotive markets, including tire is the significant component of a... Read More

The India Cold Chain Market is expected to reach US$ 53.07 Billion by 2027. The Indians have long curbed the enormous losses of perishable foodstuffs and initiated cold storage and... Read More

The Global Biological Organic Fertilizers Market will be US$ 3.1 Billion by 2027. Nowadays, in developing intensive agriculture globally application of chemical fertilizers is the most adopted system. However, the... Read More