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In the vibrant city of Trivandrum, where tradition meets modernity, AEKA Clinics stands as the epitome of skincare excellence. Renowned as the Best Dermatologist in Trivandrum, AEKA Clinics is dedicated... Read More

Carbon Laser Peel in Trivandrum | Aeka

Carbon laser peel is an exfoliating & resurfacing laser treatment, using activated liquid carbon and advanced Q-switch laser. Popularly known as HOLLYWOOD PEEL, the treatment refreshes and revitalize your skin... Read More

Utilizes cutting–edge laser technology targeting hair follicles deep within the skin to get rid of unwanted hair. LHR is the latest, safest, pain free and result oriented procedure compared to... Read More

Best Skin Care Clinic in Trivandrum : Aeka Skin Clinic

AEKA Skin Clinic is a leading skin care clinic in Trivandrum that has earned a reputation for providing exceptional skin care services to its clients. Our team of expert dermatologists,... Read More

At AEKA Holistic Skin Clinic, our Best Skin Doctors in Trivandrum offer a minimally invasive procedure known as the Thread Lift Treatment in Trivandrum. Thread Facelift Treatment in Trivandrum involves... Read More

Botox Skin Treatment In Trivandrum

Best Botox Treatment in Trivandrum is a non-invasive injectable treatment to erase wrinkles, eliminate line ageing lines and smoothen the skin. The major reason for the formation of wrinkles is... Read More

Skin Booster is an injectable treatment that aims to improve the texture of the skin, its elasticity, deep hydration as well as its overall appearance. Skin Booster Injections in Trivandrum... Read More