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Ventilated Bulk Bags | Advantages of Ventilated Bags

Ventilated Bulk Bag, or Breathable Bulk Bag, is a FIBC with four ventilation stripes. The woven PP fabric of FIBCs allows for airflow while remaining sturdy, yet flexible. The ventilated... Read More

Uses of FIBC Bags | Manufacturer And Supplier of FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are the most popular bags on the market today. Durability, capacity, reliability, and safer production standards are some of the reasons behind this. FIBC Bags are widely used... Read More

PE Container Liner Manufacturers | PE Polymers Liner Bag

A Polyethylene (PE) compartment liner Manufacturer is basically a packaging material used to make an barrier between the holder conveying items that are to be sent. These liners are powerful... Read More

BOPP Bag Manufacturer | Benefits Of BOPP Bags

The durability of BOPP bag manufacturer makes them popular. The term BOPP refers to Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, a material widely used for packaging purposes. The durability of BOPP bags manufacturer... Read More

Jumbo Bags Manufacturer | FIBC Bags | Pacific Bulk Bags

Currently, the malting industry is on a roll due to the emergence of craft breweries. Within the industry, escalating demands have also led to a need for efficient, durable, and... Read More

PP Woven Sacks Bags Manufacturer | PP Woven Bags Exporter

Pacific bulk bags are industrial PP woven sacks bags manufacturer & exporter company. We offer a range of PP woven bags that are manufactured using quality material. Woven polypropylene sacks... Read More

FIBC Fertilizer Bags Manufacturers | Zipper Bags Exporter

Pacific Bulk Bags best For FIBC Fertilizer Bags Manufacturers. Fertilizers are packed in bulk quantities and require a careful packaging due to the nature of their contents. These bags are... Read More