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Importance & Key Benefits of Cloud Governance

Making sure a collaborative process is in place takes time but is necessary. If ineffective data governance is put into place it will lead to inconsistencies .This ultimately leads to... Read More

SMART governance helps governments create a digital community involving its governing bodies, citizens, and businesses to streamline information sharing, service accessibility, and grievance redressal. SMART Governance is the application of... Read More

Saat Varsh Ka Harsh | ICCC developed by Prutech at

This event was an initiative by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to conduct in all smart cities on the same date. The outcomes of the event was sent to... Read More

#MeetThePruTechies | Dev Doraiswamy Vasudevan

Dev works as a Director – Pre-Sales at PruTech and is highly driven by targets and loves achieving them. Join us in conversation with Dev and #MeetThePruTechie!The Leadership is extraordinary.... Read More

Future-Proof your Enterprise With Cyber Security

Cyber Security Scenario in India is progressing with certain milestones, specifically important events that will result in developments. Past Cyber Security Services in the year 2010-15 included practices like prevention... Read More

How To Accelerate Your DX Journey?

Coordination and blend of different technologies by businesses of different service categories for achieving important changes in the business processes, considering the best value delivered to customers can be conceptualized... Read More

Drive Public Sector Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation signifies the process of incorporating certain new digital technology tools and practices by an organization that was not previously used for developing the foundations of commercial growth. Data-oriented... Read More

Golftripz Optimizes AWS infrastructure performance with Security & Compliance by PruTech

To ensure uptime of a Golf Holidays platform, GolfTripz needed a cloud service provider with the expertise and resources to stabilize its existing AWS environment, build a new modernized environment,... Read More