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The Reminiscences is a book that could relate to many women who have little time to introspect and move ahead. It is written by Dr. Swayam Prabha Satpathy and it... Read More

The book “Acceptability of Online Private Labs” by Ruchitha Pangriya, Shobha Pandey is useful to understand consumers’ behaviour towards on-line private label brands. It helps researchers to learn Structural Equation... Read More

The book Niche and Hallmarks of Cancer stem cells will be a basic reference for post graduate medical students, medical professionals, Nursing students, continuation of medical education students and researchers.... Read More

A handbook on Chordate Practical by Dr. Radha Chaube deals with day to day practical contents, generally taught in the class for undergraduate students. The book is solely based on... Read More

Intervening Dyscalculia Among Socio Culturally Backward Students, a book written by Dr. Sunila Thomas and Resmi V. This book focuses on the study done on the role of learning styles... Read More

Health Economics and Public Health is a book written by Dr,Rafia Rahman. It discuss tools of economics along with health like production of health, investment on health, health market, medical... Read More

The book “Problem Based Learning: Approaches and Practices in Commerce Education” by Dr. Issac Paul is conceptualized with four major dimensions – theoretical bases, review studies, practical approach and assessment... Read More

Technological Scaffold for Managing Visually Impaired Students, book written by Dr. Sameer Babu M and Dr. Azeem.C.M. This book gives an outline of possible technological support for students with visual... Read More

Shineeks contact us page help to reach our team for any queries related to our services. We provide varied services to enable you to showcase your opinions and findings in various... Read More

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