Author: szdragonglass

In the last few articles, we introduced milky white ceramic fritted glass to everyone, and today we are going to introduce another color ceramic fritted glass. That is pink ceramic... Read More

The one way mirror glass also called two way mirror glass(transparent mirror), is a kind of mirror that appears a complete reflective appearance on one side but will be visible... Read More

Kiln formed glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional glass, Kiln formed glass surpasses the existing glass form, gives full play to the artistic conception of designers and processors and integrates... Read More

4.4.2 Eva laminated mirror glass is using one panel of 4mm mirror glass and one panel of 4mm clear or ultra-clear glass to be laminated by an Eva interlayer. 4.4.2... Read More

Digital ceramic printing on glass is to print inorganic ink with a diameter of less than 2μm on the surface of the glass through digital printing technology, with high-temperature tempering... Read More

Diamond engraving glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional glass, diamond engraving glass is to carve and polish ultra-white float glass through the shape set by engraving tools and electronic equipment... Read More

Have you ever noticed that some of the glass surfaces are rough? This kind of glass is called frosted glass. There are two types, sandblasted glass and etching glass. Normally,... Read More

Fluted glass is known for its beautiful and unique vertical grooves. It is also called ribbed glass or textured glass. Fluted glass is pretty popular among architects and interior designers who... Read More

6mm sandblasted glass is achieved by making 6mm clear glass or tinted glass going through sandblasting machine, forming a frosted and matt surface effect on the glass panel. Sandblasted glass... Read More

Nowadays, decorative and energy-efficient glass becomes more and more popular between designers and architects. Ceramic frit glass becomes one of the modern design concepts for buildings to reduce glare and... Read More