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The purpose of hajj and 'umrah is the same as its essence and viz. acknowledgement of the blessings of the ALLAH Almighty, affirmation of His tawheed and a reminder of... Read More

Indeed from the huge lessons that benefits the pilgrim is when he reaches the House of ALLAH Almighty and carries out that great act of ibadah (worship) which is Tawaaf... Read More

The most excellent thing about Islam is the ethics and morals that we must follow to be good Muslims. To leave a superior impression on others a person should speak... Read More

Olive has great importance and been repeatedly mentioned in Holy Quran, and statistics and survey shows that heart attacks rate is more in Northern Italy because they use butter and... Read More

As Muslims we know that the Holy Quran offers guidance and direction and to us in all the aspects of our lives. It is indeed a guide and a blessing... Read More

It is hoped that all the pilgrims must be sincere in their ( niyyah) intentions and travel thousands of miles only to seek the Pleasure of ALLAH by fulfilling the... Read More

"Whoever among you lives will see many differences. Beware of newly invented matters (in religion ), for it is misguidance. Whoever among you lives to see that,let him adhere to... Read More