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Hydraulic Hose Assemblies with ½” NPT

Val lubric provides HOSES BY LENGTH. These hydraulic hose assemblies with ½” NPT are designed for optimal performance and durability. Although a young company, we would like to think of... Read More

Valve Sealant Guns | Val-Lubric

Val Lubric provides CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY, for efficient valve maintenance. This kit includes all the necessary components to ensure smooth operation.... Read More

Button Head Coupler Repair Kit

Val Lubric provides BUTTON HEAD COUPLER REPAIR KIT. This comprehensive kit includes a spring, washer, O-ring, and valve. Although a young company, we would like to think of ourselves as... Read More

Hydraulic High Pressure Grease Gun

Val lubric provides Hydraulic Sealant Pump. Experience exceptional performance with this high-pressure grease gun, rated at 10,000–11,000 PSI (690 – 759 bar).Although a young company, we would like to think... Read More

Major Repair Kit for Hydraulic Valve Sealant Gun

Val-Lubric provides a MAJOR REPAIR KIT for Hydraulic Valve Sealant Gun. With high-quality parts like screws, O-rings, hydraulic fluid to ensure smooth operation. Although a young company, we would like... Read More