Author: Yank Barry

Yank Barry, a Canadian philanthropist, businessman, and musician, initially made his mark in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and producer, notably leading The Kingsmen. He established VitaPro Foods... Read More

Yank Barry, a philanthropist and Canadian entrepreneur, formerly led the garage rock band The Kingsmen. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of VitaPro Foods and Global Village Champions Foundation.... Read More

Yank's journey of philanthropy and humanitarianism is explored in an interview by Ace Cruz. Yank Barry, a Canadian businessman, musician, and philanthropist, began his career as a musician, songwriter, and... Read More

Yank Barry, a Canadian philanthropist and client of a national PR firm, joined forces with boxing legend Evander Holyfield to liberate over 50 Syrian refugees. As co-founder of the Global... Read More

Get update of the newest videos showcasing Yank Barry and the Global Village Champions Foundation by subscribing to our channel. Yank Barry, a philanthropist, Canadian entrepreneur, and musician, boasts a... Read More

In January 2010, Mr. Barry and Global Village Champions swiftly assisted Haiti post-earthquake. They organized private plane charters from Nassau, providing vital supplies to makeshift hospitals and damaged orphanages. Collaborating... Read More

In 1995, Yank Barry and Muhammad Ali founded the Global Village of Champions Foundation to combat global hunger. Yank Barry assured the struggling Syrian population that help was on the... Read More

The Global Village Champions Foundation is dedicated to global humanitarian efforts in nutrition to combat hunger and save lives, aspiring to create a hunger-free world. Over 17 years, Yank Barry,... Read More

In 2013, Yank Barry, former lead singer of The Kingsmen, received three Nobel Peace Prize nominations, alongside notable figures like The Dalai Lama. Co-founding a nonprofit with Muhammad Ali in... Read More

Yank Barry's dedication to humanitarian causes has not only brought him personal fulfillment through assisting others but has also earned recognition for his impactful efforts. The Nassau Guardian featured him... Read More