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D2C ECommerce industry in the MENA

D2C stands for Direct-to-Consumer. When a manufacturing company sells directly to its customers via its online store, such a distribution strategy qualifies as D2C eCommerce. It bypasses all traditional... Read More

Warehouse Management Consultant Services

The role of warehouses in the supply chain has undergone big changes in the last couple of decades. Warehouses were and are still used as storing places for final goods... Read More

Automotive Business Consulting Services

Automobile and auto accessories companies or their master franchisors grant dealership rights to the retail franchisees who run the exclusive showrooms or stores. This process of getting the franchising rights... Read More

Restaurant & Cloud Kitchen Consultant

Varied and sophisticated tastes and preferences of customers, high disposable income levels, the growing popularity of the urban lifestyle, and the cosmopolitan nature of the city has significantly contributed to... Read More

Health and Wellness Business Consulting

Maintaining a good lifestyle is something people always look up to but only a handful of us are able to stay there. Hectic schedules in pursuit of happiness keep people... Read More

eCommerce Cross Border Consultancy

Cross border eCommerce simply refers to international trading between two entities from different countries via the eCommerce route. It is like the elevation of domestic eCommerce to the international level.... Read More

When a business directly or indirectly makes false claims about what a product or service offers in a positive sense, then it is called a case of deceptive advertising. When... Read More

One of the prerequisites of starting a new business venture or project is to assess the business idea or project for its commercial viability. Various aspects that need to be... Read More

Being the second-largest economy in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, one of the strongest driving forces of the UAE’s economy is its oil and gas sector. With a GDP... Read More

Why do Online Marketplaces Fail?

launching a marketplace without understanding your target audience, can be disastrous. A unique genre generally excites entrepreneurs into rushing into developing and launching a marketplace. But with activities like... Read More