Balwaan 63cc Mini Agricultural Power Tiller| BW-25

Balwaan mini tiller Agricultural Machinery is basically used to do tillering or weeding operations in the field. This Agricultural Product can be used for weeding between Vegetable rows, for land preparation, and in the tillage process. An operator can easily till nearly 1 acre of land in 2.5-3 hours on 70% working capacity. It’s a petrol-operated machine powered with a 2-stroke 63 CC petrol engine. Wheels are provided down below to facilitate easy movement of the machine. Tilling depth is 5-6 inches and the working width is up to 16 inches which helps in better soil aeration. It comes with heavy-duty blades made up of high-carbon steel material that facilitates effective tillering on the soil. Balwaan is India's fastest-growing Agricultural machinery and Farm Equipment Suppliers For Any queries / Installation/ Virtual Training/Accessories/Spare parts, kindly Contact 0141-6727778. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TRAINING BEFORE USING EQUIPMENT.