Batch Coding Machine In Pharma Industry

Batch Coding Machine In Pharma Industry
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Batch code printers hold a critical place in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers need them to create labels with manufacturing dates, best before dates, anti-counterfeit Data Matrix codes, and regional legislative serialization codes.
Adding codes to pharmaceutical products is crucial because it prevents drug abuse, misuse by the public, and overprescription.
Thermal inkjet printers are non-contact ink coding machines that are efficient to achieve high-resolution printing at high speeds (up to 300-400m a minute). These are ideal for the mass batch printing of drug and medical products such as complex codes and other necessary information to comply with regional and global legislation.
Other suitable batch coding machines include handy batch coders and motorized coding equipment that find their applications in the engineering and automotive industries.
It is majorly used to print data on woven crates, sacks, boxes, and leather materials.