Best 12-seater Tempo Traveller

A 12-seater Tempo Traveller is a popular choice for group travel, especially for smaller groups such as families, corporate outings, or tourist excursions. Here are some key features and considerations:

Capacity: As the name suggests, a 12-seater Tempo Traveller can accommodate up to 12 passengers comfortably, making it suitable for medium-sized groups.

Comfort: These vehicles typically offer decent comfort with cushioned seats, ample legroom, and sometimes amenities like air conditioning, adjustable seats, and entertainment systems depending on the model and specifications.

Safety: Safety features such as seatbelts for all passengers, sturdy construction, and adherence to regulatory standards ensure a safe travel experience.

Versatility: Tempo Travellers are versatile vehicles suitable for various types of journeys, including short trips, day outings, sightseeing tours, airport transfers, and longer journeys. They are often used for both local and intercity travel.

Driver: A skilled and experienced driver is an essential part of the service when renting a Tempo Traveller. They ensure safe navigation, follow traffic regulations, and provide assistance to passengers as needed.

Luggage Space: Depending on the model, there may be limited luggage space inside the vehicle. However, some Tempo Traveller variants offer additional luggage storage options, such as roof racks or separate luggage compartments.

Cost: The rental cost of a 12-seater Tempo Traveller can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the rental, distance traveled, additional amenities, and the rental company's pricing structure.

Booking: It's advisable to book a 12-seater Tempo Traveller in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or for specific events, to ensure availability and secure the best rates.

Overall, a 12-seater Tempo Traveller is a convenient and practical choice for group travel, providing a comfortable and safe journey for passengers to enjoy their trip together.