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Best Android App Development Services By App499

Best Android App Development Services By App499

Submitted by • March 4, 2020

Android and iOS are the two mobile platforms, which are pitted against each other for years by now. It cannot be denied that these two are certainly the best mobile platforms but when it comes to developing your app, you have to choose between both. You have to start from some platform yet it is better to make a lucrative beginning. Therefore, if you can’t develop both platforms at a time, then this guide might help you in selecting one.
Consider the following point while selecting the iOS or Android platform for primary app development:
It is undeniable that android has taken over the market and iOS ranks second of the sales perspective but the reports show that iOS app revenue is the higher one in the industry. It is noticed that iOS apps are developed authentically and by the time they hit the market and get popular, someone from the android developer's community, grabs the idea and recreates it. Certainly, the huge number of users helps in the popularity of the android app. Androi

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