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Medical Education in Guyana – Campus Life
Thriving residential college campus and community of creative and accomplished medical students from around the globe. For medical aspirants looking to pursue medical courses abroad, medical education in Guyana represents an overwhelming opportunity. If you choose the right University to pursue MD in Guyana, you can treasure innumerable benefits that education in Guyana offers – affordability, quality, comfortable living, global exposure, international recognition, and much more!

Well, before diving into all the stuff on studying medical in Guyana, let’s explore a bit about TAU Guyana’s campus of the beautiful Caribbean country.


Our goal is to draw people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences to reach a new level of innovation in teaching, research, and caring for patients. Innovative programs in TAU ensure diversity is reflected in our programs, culture, and leadership.

Here is everything a student of Texila will enjoy and benefit from:

Our Texilians have the finest labs at their disposal and enjoy fully functioning classrooms