Best Food Near Me to Satisfy Hunger Pangs

Food and Indori have an unbreakable bond! However, finding food near me is a confusing task since Indore is surrounded by food. So deciding on one cuisine and where to go is the major reason for half of the quarrels among family members.

But no more fights now! Get everything under one roof at The Allahabadi.
This restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving authentic dishes from their origins. Indoris have declared The Allahabadi as one of the top restaurants in Indore.

You will get unlimited options from their menu and their cuisines include non-vegetarian, seafood, north-Indian, south-Indian, Chinese, Italian, and much more. To have a gala time, there’s no better place than Allahabadi!

Also, you get to enjoy live cricket matches on their big screens to cheer your favorite team. Along with enjoying the yummy dishes with an abundance of varieties.

It’s a must-visit place for all the Indori because actual memories are made around the table of The Allahabadi restaurant!

Contact for the order = +91-7898085184