Best Gallstone Surgery in Hyderabad | Dr.NS Babu

Experience the best gallstone surgery in Hyderabad with Dr. NS Babu. Trust in expert care and personalized solutions for gallstone issues .

Dr. N Subrahmaneswara Babu is a leading Surgical Gastroenterologist in Hyderabad with +15 years of experience in the field of surgeries on the abdomen. He is an expert at performing several procedures such as abdominal trauma surgery, GI Cancer surgery, colonic /bariatric/pancreatic/colorectal/advanced laparoscopic surgery, and laser surgeries. He is mainly known for hernia surgeries and treating conditions of the gall bladder and appendix. Currently working as a Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon at EVOKE Clinics, Secunderabad, and Apollo Hospitals Hospital, Hyderabad.