Better Steam Cleaning Carpet or Shampooing – Cleaning Mate

After a time, even the brightest carpets can begin to look a bit dull. Foot traffic, dirt, grime and dust can accumulate and not even the most powerful vacuum can get rid of it. That means it is time to deep clean your carpet. Deep cleaning gets rid of germs, mold and pathogens along with deep stains on your carpet.
Steam cleaning and carpet shampooing are both effective methods for deep cleaning your carpets at home. Choosing between them can be challenging. The choice often comes down to availability, frequency of cleaning and if you want a professional to come in to clean your carpets.
Cleaning Mate Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Company is a leader in deep steam cleaning, sanitation, and repair for carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our carpet steam cleaning Brisbane method, which also involves a hot water extraction technology, ensures that your carpets are properly cleaned. Whether it be residential carpet cleaning, or commercial carpet cleaning we’ve got you covered, satisfaction guaranteed!