Boiler Tappered Tube Plugs Manufacturer & Exporter

Boiler-tappered tube plugs are a type of solderless plug that is used to connect electrical devices such as electric motors, fans, and light bulbs. They are mainly used for industrial and commercial applications. A Tappered Tube Plug is a soldered plug that uses a threaded metal tube to attach it to the other end of an electrical cord. It is used in electric motors, light bulbs, fans, and other electrical devices which need a direct connection to an electrical outlet. The advantage of a Tappered pipe-type plug is that they are compatible with most electric outlets. The only drawback is the possibility of short circuits. A Tappered Tube Plug has a small hole on one end that is used to screw the plug onto an electrical cord. It is then Tappered with a partially threaded metal tube, which extends through this hole into the electrical outlet. This type of plug may be used in areas with standard wiring (such as houses and offices) or in areas that do not use standard wiring (e.g., military camps).