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Talk to a true Mumbaikar about Dharavi in terms of a “slum” and they will be slightly edgy throughout the conversation. That is because Dharavi is so much more to Mumbai than just a slum. Spread over 500 acres, it plays an integral role in making the city what it is. It is a small world in itself. And that is why we proudly offer to show you around Dharavi in our Mumbai Slum Tour- for its hidden beauty. A home to millions, Dharavi also plays an active role in the local economy with its numerous small-scale industries and tanneries. It provides employment to thousands of people, including cottage industries employing women. It’s a melting pot of diverse cultures with its many churches, temples and mosques. A walk through its tiny, cramped and crowded lanes is liberating in its own way. In a tour across its radials, we give you a glimpse of life in Dharavi as it is- walking you through the residential areas as well as the busy industrial areas, letting you interact with the locals as well as the labourers. One is sure to be left with a teary-eyed smile looking at how happy and content the people are despite the conditions they work in. To add the glamour to the tour, we also take you to the location where the famous Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was filmed!