BOPP Packaging Tapes: A Comprehensive Solution for All Your Sealing Needs

At Prateek® Tapes, part of Lalit Jain IndustriesPrivate Limited, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality adhesive solutions for over three decades. Our BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) packaging tapes are a testament to our commitment to innovation, reliability, and quality. Whether you're looking for tapes for carton box sealing or stationary use, our range of BOPP adhesive tapes caters to all your packaging requirements. Our extensive product line includes everything from paper tape, double-sided tape, and adhesive tape to specialized options like tape for marking, floor marking tape, and wall tape.

Versatile Grades for Diverse Applications
Our BOPP packaging tapes are available in various grades, ensuring that you find the perfect tape for your specific needs. We offer light-duty packaging tapes for everyday use, medium-duty packaging tapes for moderate packaging needs, and heavy-duty packaging tapes designed for the most demanding applications. These tapes provide superior adhesion for lightweight, moderate, and heavy items, making them a versatile choice for various packaging needs.

Enhanced Efficiency with Longer Lengths
For businesses utilizing automatic dispensing machines, we offer BOPP tapes in longer lengths of 650 meters and 1000 meters. These extended lengths reduce the frequency of tape roll changes, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. In addition to BOPP tapes, we provide other adhesive solutions like double tape, double-sided glue tape, and both side tape, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all adhesive requirements.

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