A DBA is the highest qualification in the field of Business and Management. The DBA program is designed for working professionals who want to further their careers with a doctorate. Its primary objective is to produce graduates who will advance their professions and expand their knowledge and awareness of contemporary strategic issues and practices. DBA is a combination of two qualifications at C3S – UK Ofqual approved Level 8 (equivalent to M Research/MPhil/ Doctoral Foundation) and Swiss EduQua approved DBA. This C3S DBA is an accelerated program that can be completed in a year with structured online learning that can be completed anywhere. This online/blended doctoral program gives you the opportunity to carry out research alongside your current role. You’ll live and learn the skills to dive deep into your chosen specialism, so you can take the leap into the academic world of research. You’ll develop the skills and approaches to re-energize your organization with original insights and fresh perspectives. Swiss EduQua approved the accelerated doctoral research program, DBA, with the UK OfQual accredited Level 8 pathway option. A regular DBA can be converted to Fast-track DBA through accelerated 1 – Year intensive study.

C3S DBA combines academic excellence and outstanding research with global business connections. Add to that, exceptional skills and career development opportunities, and you will find a learning experience that equips you for success in your chosen career. In addition, the qualification is well recognized and opens doors. But, most importantly, developing a solid knowledge base and establishing new linkages has presented great new opportunities for research, consulting, and teaching collaborations. The accelerated DBA is a high-quality, doctoral-level, research degree that has a real impact on organizations and on wider policy and practice. It is undertaken by those who are focused on practice-based careers.