Carmen's Legacy | Carmen's Road Safety

Carmen’s Legacy tells the story of how the lives of a family turned upside down in a roadside tragedy. John Maher – writer and father of four daughters – wrote Carmen’s Legacy to journal the tragedy that befell his family and the even greater catastrophe that happened mere thirty-one months after the first accident.

Twenty years ago, John was involved in a car accident that resulted in him being unable to work and months of therapy and rehabilitation. When all were looking good and he was on the road to recovery, his youngest daughter, Carmen, fell asleep on the wheel and hit a tree, killing her on impact. He wrote Carmen’s Legacy and started Carmen Road Safety to bring light to the tragedies on the road every day and serve as a memoir to his late daughter.

John’s experience is cathartic and inspiring whenever he speaks at functions and events. If you want him to speak at your event, you can reach out to him through his email at or his phone number 61-414-397-194. You can purchase the book here: